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If you have an after hours emergency please call (303)530-0700 and follow the prompt's to reach the on-call manager.

Dakota Station II Condominium Association
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Please contact HAVEN Property Managers & Advisors at 303-530-0700 to report a work order. 

Spring Newsletter:
Please click here to see the Spring Newsletter
You can also go to Documents -> Newsletters 


September 2016 Meeting
September 13th, 2016 6:00 PM

  Meetings are held at the Community Clubhouse. 

If you would like to be included on the agenda, please contact Geol Scheirman at HAVEN Property Managers & Advisors.



Dear Dakota Station II Community,
We wanted to reach out as we have been battling a trash issue in our neighborhood.  Each time you or your neighbor puts a TV or other electronic device outside, which by the way is illegal dumping because the trash man can’t legally take it and put it in a landfill, it costs every homeowner between 50 and 75 cents for the special pickup that has to occur.  If someone in our community does this just once a week, this means that we are all paying between $2 and $3 of our HOA assessment every month just to support this irresponsible activity.  If you see who is dumping these items, please call the management company (Haven 303-530-0700) and report the activity so they can be billed for this vs. making the whole community pay.  We would encourage photos if possible. The same goes for mattresses, couches and other large furniture. 
If you have TV's or other electronic devices you can take them to various vendors around town but the easiest is your local Best Buy.  Please visit their website for details.
With regards to large items our waste provider - Pro Disposal - will pick up those items for a small fee on trash day.  All you need to do is contact them direct at:303-791-3827 and you can provide them with the details of the items.
Let’s work together to make our community look the best it can and a great place to live.
Board of Directors Dakota Station II HOA



Important:  Please note that Satellite dishes and or antennas are not allowed on the roofs at Dakota Station.  If dishes or antennas are found on the roof, they will be removed and the charges for the roof repairs will be billed to the owner.  If you have questions regarding installing a dish, please contact management.


The Dakota Station Board of Directors has recently contracted with Colorado Parking Services to enforce parking rules within the community.  Please read the Rules & Regulations which you will find in the documents section of the website to make sure you are familiar with the rules regarding parking within the community
If you receive a parking sticker or have a vehicle that has been booted, please contact
Colorado Parking Services directly at 303-725-8542.
Revised Governing Documents 
The Association has recently adopted and recorded the new governing documents for the Dakota Station II community.   They are available for review in the governing documents folder of the website.  
If you are interested, please contact HAVEN Property Managers & Advisors for more information or complete and return the Board Member Interest Form. You may find the form in the documents section under Forms.

Trash is to be placed in designated pickup locations in SEALED CONTAINERS no sooner than 6:00pm on Mondays.

The board will be going through and removing trash cans that are left out past 12:00pm (noon) on Wednesday.

RECYCLING: Recyclables may be put inside plastic bags which are then placed inside the recycle bins in order to reduce the amount of trash blowing around the neighborhood.  Please make sure containers clearly state it is for recycling.

Please click here for Dakota Station II's recycling calendar.

Please click here for items that can and cannot be recycled.


Contact Us
If you have questions or comments about this web site or to one of the committees, please click on the "Contact Us" link and fill out the form. Be sure to be specific in your inquiry so that we may better assist you

Quick FAQ's

How can I pay my association dues?

You can obtain more information about assessments on the Paying Your Assessment link.

How do I contact the management company?

You can contact HAVEN Property Managers & Advisors at (303) 530-0700 or email at

What are the CC&R'S?

The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation.

 How can I make a  recommendation?

Use the Contact Us link at the top of the page.
Title Companies and Realtors can order a status letter or a condominium questionnaire at:
or you can call 
800-310-6552 if you have any questions.

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